The Mortgage Road Map

Your Road Map to Mortgage Success!
Are you on the road to mortgage success? Securing the right mortgage is a journey, not a destination! We’ve taken the trip with our clients many times – we know the potholes to avoid, what to bring as you head out on this exciting road trip, and the best ways to get you there safe and sound.

The expert team at offer these steps to guide you along – solid advice to ensure you arrive quickly and safely! Check out our 10 steps below, or feel free to watch the video or download Your Road Map to Mortgage Success!

1. Choose the right mortgage partner

That’s us! Together with Assured Mortgage Services, we’ve got about 90 lenders to shop with, billions of dollars in mortgages under our belts, and decades of solid experience. There’s no challenge we can’t tackle – if our team has a question, we know we can count on our national office to provide reliable, proven advice. We’re unbiased experts, and we’ll take care of you.

2. Buy what you can afford

Your budget is what you’re comfortable paying – not what a bank may have pre-approved – even if you have been qualified under Canada’s strict new qualification requirements. We help you consider every aspect: Is your dream home older, with high repair costs? Are renovations planned? What about retirement, education and rainy-day savings? Perhaps you’re hoping to start your own business soon? We’ll explore your full picture, and we will get the right mortgage – for you.

3. Understand the rules have changed

Gone are the days when a pay stub was enough to secure a mortgage. New regulations ensure privacy, security and anti-fraud. Sometimes the application process is strict and complicated – and if you don’t provide everything that’s needed, the process can be delayed and buyers can lose their dream house in the process. We’ll take you through it – don’t worry.

4. Be prepared to back up your down payment

Those anti-fraud rules require buyers to verify the source of their down payment. Whether you’re using savings, a gift from family or friends, some of your RRSP savings, or the proceeds from selling another house – we’ll discuss the back-up that’s needed for your mortgage approval.

5. Remember - life happens

70% of mortgages don’t go to term because we can’t see 5 years into the future: job loss, relocation, new child, marriage separation, a parent moves in… anything can happen. Yet, most buyers sign their mortgage with terms and restrictions that will work against them if they need to end their term early. We’ve got your back, and we’ll make sure you understand all the conditions of your mortgage. Read on…

6. Understand the mortgage conditions

Of course, you want that really low advertised rate, but it’s important to read the fine print: big penalties to make changes or payout early, or the unknown registration of a collateral mortgage can end up costing you a lot in the long run. We’ll take you through it all to ensure you know what you’re signing, or find another option.

7. The lowest rates are low for a reason

Variable rates are the lowest lenders offer. However, your payments may go up if the prime rate fluctuates. Fixed interest rates are a bit higher, but they are locked in for your term – reducing your risk. Together, we’ll explore your comfort with risk and the possibility that your costs may go up.

8. What should you bring?

Ah, paperwork! Whether you are buying a new home or refinancing your existing mortgage, our goal is to make this process as efficient as possible. Your application requires a lot of information. This is mandatory. We’ll give you a detailed list of what’s required once we know a bit more about you. Delivering everything when asked makes it a smooth and easy process.

9. Just renewing? Get ahead of it

Did you know that more than half of all homeowners pay more than they should at renewal? Usually, this is because we don’t shop around – it creeps up on us, and we re-sign with our existing lender. If your mortgage is about to renew, your lender may not give you much notice. They don’t want you shopping around. Talk to us a few months in advance and we’ll explore your best options.

10. You’re home!

Thanks for taking this journey with us – we’ve arrived, safe, sound and secure in the knowledge you’re in the right mortgage for you. Low rates – sound advice. That’s the Bigger Piggybank advantage! Ready to talk? Contact us here.